“Are You A Learner” is a well-known Lagos/Nigerian street slang that is suggestive of an impression on the sight – a performance, simulation or pretense.  It connotes an act of representation or misrepresentation in some sort.

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This indigenous slang brings to the fore the complicated and vast meaning of representation.  But it is more or less a reference to the action or fact of exhibiting in some visible image or form; the fact of expressing or denoting by means of symbolic action or exhibition by a person or group in a public space.  In a different context, the slang may refer to the exhibition of an unbecoming or questionable character and action upon a public stage (be it the social gatherings, bus/stop, street corners, office spaces, schools etc.).  In its complexity and confusion, it is both the objective and subjective value – judgement of ‘The Fake’ versus ‘The Real’ and how this holds over time, particular in a later recognition of the uniqueness of the erstwhile ‘Fake’.

The meaning is overtly ambiguous and the workshop will explore the elements of interpretation involved in representation.  The workshop will look into representation in terms of who represents, who is being represented, the purpose, historical moments of representation, location and strategy and the tone of representation.


Workshop date: 04/03 – 29/03/2014

Trainers : Uche Okpa-Iroha

Andrew Esiebo

Adolphos Opara

Charles Okereke