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Beyond The Image – A Critical Text Writi

BEYOND THE IMAGE A CRITICAL TEXT WRITING WORKSHOP   Artist statements and motivation notes (or letters) for various kinds of portfolio reviews and entries into artistic and curatorial projects are critical to the development of photographers who intend to push their careers further. These items act as a cap to the finished work of art […]

Foto Party

Photography has long been recognized as a visual language in modern times with the power to communicate reality and perceptions about human conditions that cannot be communicated in any other way. It has informed, influenced and educated us about humanity through its power to report vividly the way we live and also by challenging the […]

Photoprinting Workshop

UNDERSTANDING COLORS – from taking photos to printing the perfect image A workshop from POPCAP & Artificial Image Modern cameras take much away from photographers, often leaving the impression that they provide a substitute for technical knowledge and ability, and that the photographer need therefore only compose and take the photo. This misconception means that […]