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Lagos OPEN RANGE: The Lens and Now

The Lagos OPEN RANGE exhibition marks the jump-off for that exacting photographic collaboration and presentation we have been looking forward to for ages here in Nigeria. Lagos is running agog with amazing cultural (artistic and literary) events and programmes. These cultural activities also have exciting socio-political and sport related events happening alongside it.  These imaginative […]

Foto Party

One of the purposes of art is to bring colour, beauty, passion and intensity to peoples’ lives thereby enriching their experiences and advance critical discourses and engagements on art and its relationship to how we live together. Photography has long been recognized as a visual language in modern times with the power to communicate reality […]

Library Request

Library Request

Library Request The Nlele Institute is on the verge of setting up a library that hopes to meet the research and intellectual needs of our artists. The library’s aspiration will also focus on the contemporary issues in our society vis- a-vis photography. We are particularly interested in books with African themes, art history, reviews and […]

Time Factor – A Factor Of Time A Photogr

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”11″]   It is said that some objects last longer than others. They find a way of persisting longer. But there is philosophical disagreement about how to understand persistence – which is a factor of time. Objects considered four-dimensionally are said to persist by perdurring rather than enduring – in relation to time factor. […]

Cultural Heritage Masterclass Documentar...

The music is visual, images made during the course of three intensive masterclass weeks. Six photographers based in Lagos fine tuning their individual talents and visual acuity to document various aspects of cultural heritage. The immediacy of news mediated through newspapers, wall drawings, graffiti, codified messages reaching out to innumerable readers. The bare necessity of […]