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“Are You A Learner?” Part II

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”6″] In continuation of the ongoing conversation on the notion of representation and identity, the workshop  – Are You A Learner, returns with more critical insights and discussions on various post colonial assumptions and imperative that have dominated the artistic and cultural milieu. With the idea of a true African identity in mind, the […]

“Are You A Learner?” Part I

“Are You A Learner” is a well-known Lagos/Nigerian street slang that is suggestive of an impression on the sight – a performance, simulation or pretense.  It connotes an act of representation or misrepresentation in some sort. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”5″] This indigenous slang brings to the fore the complicated and vast meaning of representation.  But it is […]

“Ambiguity of The Face” A Portrait Photo

A person has no identity apart from his relationship with someone or is linked to something else. This fact is the reason why people latch onto practically anything in their desperate need to discover who they are.  People will determine their identities through their appearances, occupation, abilities, family relationships, friends, religious affiliation etc. The subject of identity […]

“Dusk-To-Dawn” Nature and Landscape Phot

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”7″] The workshop will explore nature and landscape photography with focus on the magic sunrise and sunset adds to photography. There is a lot that goes into taking photographs at this twilight periods of the day. A lot is considered when choosing the right place to photograph, to knowing the best techniques to use, having the right mindset […]

“Tonal Range” Black and White Photo Work

This course aims to explore the power and timeless nature that black and white photography offers. For most of the history of photography, black & white photography was a photographer’s choice for taking pictures. Even when colour became available, black and white photos were initially of better quality and less expensive to develop than their colour counterparts. As the […]