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Beyond The Image – A Critical Text Writi

BEYOND THE IMAGE A CRITICAL TEXT WRITING WORKSHOP   Artist statements and motivation notes (or letters) for various kinds of portfolio reviews and entries into artistic and curatorial projects are critical to the development of photographers who intend to push their careers further. These items act as a cap to the finished work of art […]

Time Factor – A Factor Of Time A Photogr

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”11″]   It is said that some objects last longer than others. They find a way of persisting longer. But there is philosophical disagreement about how to understand persistence – which is a factor of time. Objects considered four-dimensionally are said to persist by perdurring rather than enduring – in relation to time factor. […]

“Are You A Learner?” Part II

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”6″] In continuation of the ongoing conversation on the notion of representation and identity, the workshop  – Are You A Learner, returns with more critical insights and discussions on various post colonial assumptions and imperative that have dominated the artistic and cultural milieu. With the idea of a true African identity in mind, the […]

“Are You A Learner?” Part I

“Are You A Learner” is a well-known Lagos/Nigerian street slang that is suggestive of an impression on the sight – a performance, simulation or pretense.  It connotes an act of representation or misrepresentation in some sort. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”5″] This indigenous slang brings to the fore the complicated and vast meaning of representation.  But it is […]