Conversation with the articulate minds our time

The program will offer a unique platform to discuss art, the creative act and the creation of art. The meaning of art and its purpose has at various times being a subject of discussions amongst professionals and has had varying explanations and divergent views up to this day.

But what does art really mean to art professionals, the government and the society as a whole in the global south. How has this meaning affected or impacted artistic practices and perception? How has art benefited the artist and the society through its exposure in both dedicated art spaces like galleries, museums etc. and public spaces.

Insights and answers to these questions and the ones put through by the participants will instigate the development of new knowledge in art in our country and region. The platform will engage artists, curators and critics from within and outside Nigeria. The focus will be on artistic practices as relates to photography and other lens based media.

Artists will interact with highly dedicated professionals with long and visible track record of consistent practice in view to learning from their experiences and gain exposure to a wide range and variety of view points which are envisaged to aid artistic development.

To join the conversation, send an email to [email protected]

Comes up in July!