The music is visual, images made during the course of three intensive masterclass weeks. Six photographers based in Lagos fine tuning their individual talents and visual acuity to document various aspects of cultural heritage. The immediacy of news mediated through newspapers, wall drawings, graffiti, codified messages reaching out to innumerable readers. The bare necessity of eating and drinking, of mealtimes, culinary culture so essential that it is often overlooked as a subject matter.

The heritage of our culture lived out daily, gestures, language, rituals, agriculture, architecture and religion. This last the crux of all the other currents that spread out across society, across the very core of all our endeavours. So it was that the six photographers journeyed to Osogbo to engage with the emanations of the revived and re-energised sacred groves and shrines of the New Sacred Art Movement. The juxtaposition of tree forms with the sculptured forms of deities and elemental beings. Portraits of the artists and artisans who built the sculptures and maintain them dutifully for future generations. Images of sacrificial shrines, of abstracted divinations boards, of beads that resonate color and symbolism.

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Cultural heritage taken as a given and given as images that sing in dissonant chords of fractured fragments of now and present. We all, photographers and audience, the caretakers of a living heritage.

The six photographers, Chidinma Nnorom-Chinke, Nneka Iwunna, Kemi Akin-Nibosun, Chinenye Godsproperty John, valentine Obinna Ojiaku, and Atilola Olubela are representative of a new wave of emerging talent willing to go beyond the strictures of commercial demands and do personal work, be it conceptual, documentary, reportage or portraiture. Young, eager and perceptive, the forge ahead with a keen eye to the currents constantly permeating the social landscape.


Culled from text written by Akinbode Akinbiyi

 The Masteclass was curated by Akinbode Akinbiyi and Uche Okpa-Iroha (Director of The Nlele Institute)

Masterclass was a joint partnership between the Goethe Institut, Lagos and The Nlele Institute, Lagos.


Workshop Date : 13/10 – 24/10/2014

Trainers : Akinbode Akinbiyi

Uche Okpa-Iroha