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The workshop will explore nature and landscape photography with focus on the magic sunrise and sunset adds to photography. There is a lot that goes into taking photographs at this twilight periods of the day. A lot is considered when choosing the right place to photograph, to knowing the best techniques to use, having the right mindset and the best equipment.

The city of Lagos will be the central subject focus of this workshop. Lagos is an organic sprawl with diverse elements that consists of an overwhelming demography, the notorious “Danfo” and “Molue”, the “Okada” and the “Keke Marwa”, and the network of bridges and roads that make up the infrastructure. This idiosyncrasy gives the Lagos cityscape its unique outlook.

For half-hour before the sun rises and after it sets, the sky is filled with a soft, rapid changing light that has an almost magical ability to transform scenes.

Starting with the first faint light of day break, the colours brighten by the minute, going from blues through an ever-shifting series of pearly pastels to the warm hues that immediately precede sunrise. Forms that are, at first, merged into one shadowy shape gradually and almost imperceptibly become distinct and identifiable. In the evening after the sun stages its dramatic and grand exit, the process is repeated in the reverse….Lagos wakes up and recedes to this two pole ends of natural splendour!


Workshop Date : 02/09 – 27/09/2013

Trainers : Jude Anogwih

Uche Okpa-Iroha