One of the purposes of art is to bring colour, beauty, passion and intensity to peoples’ lives thereby enriching their experiences and advance critical discourses and engagements on art and its relationship to how we live together.

Photography has long been recognized as a visual language in modern times with the power to communicate reality and perceptions about human conditions that cannot be communicated in any other way. It has informed, influenced and educated us about humanity through its power to report vividly the way we live and also by challenging the way society is run.

The Nlele Institute and VAN Lagos will explore these highpoints to instill community cohesion with a bi-monthly visual-leisure event: FOTOPARTY.

The event will use visual imagery (photography and video art), music and entertainment and fun to rally the public, lovers of photography/video art, visitors and other fun seekers to the Printing Press (The Hub), Marina, Lagos.Expectedly, the event will add to the growing cultural sensibility of the Marina district presently undergoing regeneration and evolving as the city’s main art and culture hotspot.

Already, Lagos has been predicted to be a cultural avant-garde in the next few years. This forecast places Lagos as one of the cities of the 21st century that will create “cultural/artistic” buzz worldwide. FOTOPARTY will be one of the reasons to re-engage the city of Lagos. It will be a factor that will instigate and bring to realization this postulation.

FOTOPARTY will provide a relaxed ambience of visual cocktail, lounge and music with a mixed community and guests.The bi-monthly event will animate the Printing Press (The Hub) and result in community (re)engagement and networking, allow freedom of expression and provide the artists alternative platform to share their works in a relaxed and informal space.

FOTOPARTY is fun, informal and open to like minds!

For submission of works, sponsorship and participation please send an email to:  [email protected] or [email protected]