The Lagos OPEN RANGE exhibition marks the jump-off for that exacting photographic collaboration and presentation we have been looking forward to for ages here in Nigeria. Lagos is running agog with amazing cultural (artistic and literary) events and programmes. These cultural activities also have exciting socio-political and sport related events happening alongside it.  These imaginative events are popping up all over the city and redefining its urban and creative landscape. I guess the cameras clique more these days than they did in the past years. We cannot but acknowledge and painstakingly catch up with the sporadic visual interpretations of these dynamics our ever-expanding city.

Again after all the brilliant projects and events around photography and experimental media arts pioneered by the CCA Lagos, AAF Lagos, VAN Lagos, the Nlele Institute amongst others, We though it was timely to deep our feet gingerly into some spritely fresh ponds and launch an in-depth and thought provoking photo project.

The Lagos OPEN RANGE exhibition is primarily conceived to promote a new form of intuitive photography, photographers and video artists who ordinarily getting the critical attention their works deserve.  The exhibition is to give visibility to all the artists who have a consistent practice and show signs of promise to develop exceedingly their oeuvres. We are ambitious about the Open Range and hope it transits into a bi-annual event that will explore the new diversities, fragmentations and relationships of photographic images to subjects, spaces and scenarios in Nigeria and (potentially) beyond. The specificity of Lagos, the daring eyes of the artists and the commentaries on our contemporary lives indeed inspires the project and the curatorium’s genuine aspiration to realise through this exhibition and publication.

The selected artists, Aderemi Adegbite, Enitan Adebowale, Andrew Esiebo, Tunji Lana, Rahima Gambo, Jere Ikongio, Charles Otuke Ologeh, Logor Olumuyiwa, in this maiden edition poetically scrutinize significant dimensions of our realities in diverse genres, styles and perspectives.

The images presented reflect sensitive evidences of the artist’s interaction and intimacy with his space. They are a temporal extension of the delightful moments and dimensions within the city. Despite the traditional pictorial look of the images, there are obvious senses of scultpurality, nudity and hierarchical essence in the subject formations of the selected works. One cannot equally fail to recognize a metrical model of subjectivity the works reflect in detail. These topographical presented in colour and traditional format of black-and-white photography generate precise dialectics of our histories, contemporaneity and imminent expectations.

Lagos OPEN RANGE exhibition will consist an exhibition and resource/professional section that will include workshops, seminars, conversations and conferences.

Uche Okpa-Iroha


The Nlele Institute/Lagos OPEN RANGE

Curators, The Lagos OPEN RANGE 2015

Abraham Oghobase

Abraham Onoriode Oghobase was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1979. He studied at the Yaba College of Technology’s School of Art, Design and Printing in Lagos, majoring in photography. Understudying Nigerian painter and photographer Deji Ajose and the acclaimed sculptor and photographer Uche James Iroha, Oghobase received further Abraham Oghobase-Head Faculty of Photographymentorship in the early stages of his career from French-Algerian photographer Bruno Boudjelal.
A quest for the purpose of existence has led Oghobase to a unique form of art, as he explores issues relating to human emotions and identity against specific socio-economic backdrops, often using himself as material for his performance-based work. His photography has been exhibited in his home country of Nigeria and across Africa and Europe. Oghobase’s work is also part of private collections, including the KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland and most recenty he’s been longlisted for the IMIA-AGO Photography Prize.



Jude Anogwih

Jude Anogwih is a multimedia artist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. His work Judeinterrogates the concept of identity, mobility and migration. They take the form of experimental photo-painting/drawing, video, installation and producing maps. His work has been shown at several international art exhibitions and projects such as Concreta Sonho – Resident Artists (Solo Show) Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria; Jardim Canadá Centro de Arte e Tecnologia, JACA, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Anogwih was a Goethe Institut Fellow at the Documenta (13), Kassel, Germany.



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