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Lagos OPEN RANGE: The Lens and Now

The Lagos OPEN RANGE exhibition marks the jump-off for that exacting photographic collaboration and presentation we have been looking forward to for ages here in Nigeria. Lagos is running agog with amazing cultural (artistic and literary) events and programmes. These cultural activities also have exciting socio-political and sport related events happening alongside it.  These imaginative […]

“Are You A Learner?” Part I

“Are You A Learner” is a well-known Lagos/Nigerian street slang that is suggestive of an impression on the sight – a performance, simulation or pretense.  It connotes an act of representation or misrepresentation in some sort. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”5″] This indigenous slang brings to the fore the complicated and vast meaning of representation.  But it is […]

“Ambiguity of The Face” A Portrait Photo

A person has no identity apart from his relationship with someone or is linked to something else. This fact is the reason why people latch onto practically anything in their desperate need to discover who they are.  People will determine their identities through their appearances, occupation, abilities, family relationships, friends, religious affiliation etc. The subject of identity […]